Why Blanco

Why blanco

You always want to look and feel fantastic, and Blanco-Blanco is here to help you do just that. No matter which of our salons you choose, you will find a team of design experts ready to create a style that suits you and your lifestyle.

People often ask us why we use the term “hair designers” when we refer to the exceptional team at Blanco-Blanco. Our goal is to give every client far more than a great hairstyle: we want to design a look for them that is as distinctive as they are, whether natural and classic or bright and bold.

At Blanco-Blanco, you have our assurance that we use only the finest products and tools available anywhere. Our team also undergoes rigorous, ongoing training presented by stylists from around the globe to ensure that they are able to create even the most modern and unique styles with artistic precision. And most importantly, they show you how to keep your hair looking its absolute best between appointments.

We brought international design to Billings, and continue to be this region’s premiere hair salon. No other salon can match our quality, our abilities or our commitment to delivering exceptional services to every client.

We invite you to experience Blanco-Blanco today.

Our History…
and Our Future

Blanco-Blanco was founded in 1982 by Billings native David Blanco, who was committed to building a salon focused on quality, innovation and exceptional client care. Working with Zotos International for 28 years—11 as its creative director—gave Dave insight into the latest hair trends and best styling and design techniques throughout the United States and internationally.

Our first salon opened on Virginia Lane, designed with client comfort and convenience in mind. A second salon in the Billings Heights followed, along with the creation of the Blanco-Blanco Cosmetology School. At each, we have continued to focus on Dave’s vision of striving for excellence in everything we do while creating an environment where teamwork is both expected and encouraged.

Just as our history was built on innovation, Blanco-Blanco knows our future lies in it as well. That’s why we continue to look for new ways to serve our clients through ongoing monthly training taught by industry experts. In addition, we attend regional and national hair shows to assure we do more than keep up with trends—we stay ahead of them.